Satakalaam is a religious city located along the Dragontail Mountains and on the edge of the Alik'r Desert. Satakalaam is made similarly to Necrom in Morrowind, where the dead are buried. Satakalaam's biggest landmark is the Motalion Necropolis in the north.



Satakalaam is nestled along the mountainside dividing the Alik'r Desert to Bangkorai. Compared to the other cities, Satakalaam is one of the more smaller cities in Northern Hammerfell. There is one entrance to the city, that being in the south end. The city revolves around a decent sized townsquare, the southern end of the city is where commoners stay while the northern end of the city has more private estates. To the west is the High Temple dedicated to the Redguard Pantheon and the Motalion Necropolis, a crypt somewhat larger than the city itself.



Second EraEdit

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King Fahara'jad of Sentinel and Queen Za-Rihaf had three children. Their eldest daughter, Maraya, is from the city of Satakalaam.[2]

During the Alliance War, the Seventh Legion of the Second Empire had begun their conquest over the Covenant territories. One of their first campaigns was at the city of Satakalaam, where many nobles were held captive. Magnifico Khorshad had led the Imperials into the city via a hidden passage under his manor. King Fahara'jad brought an army led by General Thoda to secure the city again. The Vestige arrived on their way to the Necropolis and helped recapture the city. Khorshad was then put to justice.[3]

Third EraEdit

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During the Warp in the West, Satakalaam was the seat of the barony of Satakalaam. It was later annexed into the kingdom of Sentinel.[4]

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