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Savirien-Chorak (?E ??? – 2E 430[1][2] or 431[3]) was a Tsaesci, who served as Potentate; the de facto leader of the Empire of Reman Cyrodiil, in its final days. He was one of two leaders of Cyrodiil hailing from Akavir, following the war fought between Akavir and Cyrodiil. Not much is known of him, except that he and his father were responsible for the end of the 'Reman' Line, and the convenient placement of them as the sovereign leaders of Cyrodiil. He succeeded his father upon his assassination in 2E 324, but in 2E 430, he and every one of his heirs were assassinated. His palace, as his father's, was not in the Province of Cyrodiil itself.


Potentate of Cyrodiil
Versidue Shaie 2E 324 - 2E 430 End of the Second Empire, eventually Durcorach

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