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Savlian Matius is the Guard Captain of the Kvatch Guard. Heroically patriotic and determined, he helped most of the citizens of Kvatch escape the daedric attack on the city.


He also assists the Hero in battle in the quests Breaking the Siege of Kvatch and The Battle for Castle Kvatch. After the battle, he stays in the remains of Castle Kvatch's Great Hall for the rest of the game, and gives away his enchanted Kvatch Cuirass in the end.

He's also the person to ask for reinforcements for the quest Allies for Bruma since the Count of Kvatch is dead. Unlike the other cities, he gives soldiers to help without any work if the Hero already helped complete all of the Kvatch related quests, even if all his soldiers died during the battle for Castle Kvatch.

Although the fate of his city is currently unknown, it is believed that when Kvatch was rebuilt, he became its next Count.



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