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Savos Aren
Savos aren
Race Dunmer
Gender Male
Level PCx1.25 (15-50)
Class Mage
Faction The College of Winterhold
Rank Arch-Mage
Essential Yes
Ref ID 0001C1B8
Base ID 0001C19F

Savos Aren is the Dunmer Arch-Mage of The College of Winterhold in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Not much is known about Savos' early years, however dialogue with him reveals that he is at least one hundred years old, as he recalls he was only an apprentice at the college when the isle of Artaeum disappeared around 100 years before the Civil War in Skyrim.

Labyrinthian expedition

Sometime before the Dragonborn joined The College of Winterhold, Savos Aren followed an ill-fated group of mages through the Labyrinthian, led by the Arch-Mage's favorite pupil, Atmah. The trip resulted in the deaths of everyone present except Savos. In an attempt to seal away Morokei permanently, he forced two of the surviving mages to remain behind, magically enthralled and forced to maintain a barrier around the Dragon Priest.

As Arch-Mage

Savos returned to the College and took up the post of Arch-Mage, leading the other mages with an air that suggested that he believed that everything would eventually work itself out.








  • Savos is able to Summon Daedra to aid him in combat.
  • Savos Aren wears uniquely shock resist enchanted boots (BaseID 0007C92E), which can be found at any time on a table in the Arch-Mage's Quarters.
  • When he dies, his corpse cannot be looted, however, Arniel Gane may resurrect his corpse if a Dragon happens to attack during this scene (see gallery).
  • He is voiced by Keith Silverstein.




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