Scamp Invasion is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Supernal Dreamers have apparently built a few portals on the Nurin's Farm through which they are summoning scamps and possibly other Daedra. The Vestige have agreed to destroy these portals.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Destroy the Daedric Portals: (4)
  2. Talk to William Nurin
  3. Complete the quest


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After completing the previous quest, walk over to William Nurin and talk to him. He admits sharing a bed with that woman and then she tries to kill him sounds strange, but she may have been under the influence of Sentulus.

Then he remembers, they might still be in danger with the scamps running around here for one thing, but he has reason to believe there could be worse things coming if we don't act fast. Sentulus told Rosalie about these portals he had opened up around the farm. They should be destroyed but he is reluctant to go and do this himself as he doesn't want Ganise to lose both her parents. He asks the Vestige for help.

Follow the markers, there are four portals on the farm. A few scamps can be found performing a ritual by the portals. Kill them and then deactivate the portal. After doing so with all four, return to William and talk to him.

He's overjoyed and can hardly believe that someone he doesn't even know would go so far out of their way to help. William adds that the next thing is start making plans to rebuild, it's times like this one wish they've had a larger family. Before leaving, hint to him that Ingride Vanne is available...

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