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Scars Never Fade is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

It is a level 17 quest that takes place in Gray Mire in Grahtwood and begins by talking to Officer Parwinel. She is supervising a group of Argonian spies. She wants to find out what they think of the Dominion.

At a meeting of the three Argonian leaders, Slim-Jah yells "Hail Sithis" and kills Uta-Tei because Uta-Tei and No-Fingers want to ally with the Dominion. Slim-Jah was once a Shadowscale, and No-Fingers asks for help in killing her hunters. He gives the Vestige Comes-When-Called, a tiny guar, to help track them down.

The Vestige kills the hunters, and No-Fingers finds where Slim-Jah is hiding. He was a Shadowscale, so he can't kill her, but he gives one Eager-Teeth, a feisty guar, to fight by their side.


  • Question tribal leadership
  • Attend the meeting
  • Observe the meeting
  • Talk to No-Fingers
  • Track down and kill Slim-Jah's hunters
  • Meet No-Fingers
  • Kill Slim-Jah and Mother Lightning
  • Return to the Gray Mire 
  • Talk to No-Fingers
  • Speak to Officer Parwinel to decide the fate of the tribe (Talk to Parwinel)
    • Tribe has to leave
    • Tribe stays.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • If when speaking to Parwinel, you decide to tell the truth, Persuade can then be used to convince her to let the tribe stay.


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