Schism is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. There's a been a Goblin uprising in Mud Tree village, and Surii Dreth wants the Vestige to quell it.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the Mud Tree Mine
  2. Save Lenam Sero
  3. Save Miharil
  4. Save Eydvi Iron-Kettle
    1. Hints:Use Food Scraps to Distract Goblins
  5. Recover Goblin Totem from the Gnaw-Root war Chief
  6. Find the Source of a Cry for Help (Thragnar the Breaker)
  7. Goblins Subdued (6)
  8. Take the Gnaw-Root Goblin Totem to Miharil's Hut Inside the Mine
    1. Give the Gnaw-Root Goblin Totem to Miharil (Free Goblins from Slavery) OR
    2. Give the Gnaw-Root Goblin Totem to Thragnar the Breaker
  9. Talk to the Miharil's Brothers in Mud Tree Village (if totem is given to Miharil)




  • Can use Persuasion during this quest.
  • This quest completes the Mud Tree Village objective.