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These old burial mounds should provide some inspiration for my writing. Ancient heroes of Glenumbra are entombed here. I'm sure they have some interesting exploits I can expand upon. Something that will get me the recognition I deserve. And finally get me a cushy position with a noble family.

A duke or duchess as a sponsor would be just the thing I need to advance my writing career. Regular meals, a nice roof over my head, conversation with people who know how to read.

* * *

There's so little information on the people buried here. Donel Deleyn? A King of Glenumbra? Never heard of the fellow. But I can make him interesting. Heroic. Maybe give him a band of loyal warriors, fending off whoever would be attacking them. (Note to Self: Look up significant battles of the First Era that took place in Glenumbra for reference.)

* * *

I think I can spin an entire series around this! Each hero gets their own tale. I haven't seen anything in old history texts about this Deleyn fellow. Or someone called the "Golden Prince" or the "Ivory Lord," for that matter. Their stories are lost to time.

* * *

Lots of heroic battles, maybe a little romance. I did spot a tomb for "The Emerald Princess." Of course, she must be beautiful, with eyes the color of purest emeralds. And a brave warrior. She and the King can be star-crossed lovers. I just need to flesh this out a bit. I don't want to write some sort of silly romance, after all. This has to be real history. Just enhanced a little. This is bound to get me published!

Best of all, it will put that hack Felari-ko off his drink. "Scholar of Intriguing Mysteries." Bah. Pretentious cat scribbles, I say. All he does is make up nonsense about his adventures and shill for his next so-called mystery. I can do so much better than that!


  • This book mentions an author of one of the other books in the game, Felari-ko, who authored the book The Reality of Spirits. This book can also be found in Glenumbra.


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