"You sick? No? Then get out of here."
―Scout Camenwen[src]

Scout Camenwen is an Altmer mercenary found in Phaer.


The First PatientEdit


After the start of the quest "The First Patient," when the Vestige wears the disguise, Scout Camenwen will say, "You're new, right? Go on in. Just don't let them touch you." However, if they are not wearing the disguise, she will say the following:

"We're here for your protection. If you're not sick, get out of here."

I'm not sick. But I do need to get in there. "Are you crazy? Look, there's no way anyone without a pass can get in there. One of these expensive, irreplaceable passes."
I'm not bribing you. [?]
(Bribe) Expensive, eh? Would be a shame if you weren't paid back. "It's a damned shame I lost my pass. I'll have to get a new one. In a few hours. If I remember."