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"Hmph. Quite the busybody about town, aren't you?"
―Scout Taniril[src]

Scout Taniril is a member of a mercenary group being paid to keep order in Phaer, Auridon by Hendil. He is a scout for the mercenary group currently on a job in Phaer. He's been stationed in front of Hendil's home for some unknown reason. He will note that he is meant to stand guard, but is open to a bribe to look the other way.

With another bribe, he can help the Vestige get a disguise to get past the guards in front of the mine.

The First PatientEdit


  • "Move along now. Hendil and Amuur are the only ones allowed inside."
  • "The alchemist is paying us good coin to keep things locked down. He doesn't like folk sniffing about. But, uh. Maybe you have some good coins, too?"
  • "Hendil's not expecting visitors. So I'm going to guess you're here to talk to good old Taniril?"
  • "I'll tell you. You mentioned quarantine. To say the truth, my coin purse isn't feeling all that well."
  • "Ha! That it is. Your best bet is to grab one of our uniforms from the cabinet in the bunkhouse. Anyone up there is sure to be sacked out. Won't notice a thing. Just don't tell 'em I sent you."



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