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Scroll of Dedres' Masterful Eye

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Scroll of Dedres' Masterful Eye
Weight 0.20 WeightIcon
Value 114 GoldIcon
Effect Calm Creature
Range Target
Area 20 ft
Duration 10 sec
Magnitude 0 to 80
School Illusion
ID sc_dedresmasterfuleye
Main article: Scrolls (Morrowind)

Scroll of Dedres' Masterful Eye is an Illusion scroll that makes hostile creatures become utterly passive towards the scroll's user. Creatures under the influence of this scroll will not pursue the Nerevarine, or retaliate if attacked, for the duration of the effect.



This scroll's inscription reads:  BY THE GODS, I INVOKE THIS POWER


The following people possess or sell a Scroll of Dedres' Masterful Eye:


A Scroll of Dedres' Masterful Eye can be found at the following locations:

This scroll can be generated at random (there are an additional 260 possible occurrences).


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