Scroll of Elemental Burst: Fire is a Destruction scroll that inflicts elemental damage upon opponents.


Both effects are in a 15-foot radius on target:

  • Fire Damage – 40–65 points for 1 second
  • Fire Damage – 0–5 points for 5 seconds


This scroll's inscription consists of text from a Morag Tong writ of execution and appears in duplicate:

Elemental Burst - Fire

The afore-mentioned personage has been marked for honorable execution in accordance to the lawful tradition and practice of the Morag Tong Guild. The Bearer of this non-disputable document has official sanctioned license to kill the afore-mentioned personage.


The following people possess or sell this scroll:


A Scroll of Elemental Burst: Fire can be found at the following location(s):

This scroll can be generated at random (there are an additional 260 possible occurrences).