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Main article: Scrolls (Morrowind)

Scroll of the Hidden Killer is an enchanted scroll that conceals the user while simultaneously increasing Marksman and Sneak skills.


All effects are for 60 seconds on self:


This scroll's inscription reads:



Only one Scroll of the Hidden Killer can be found. It is located on a table near Afer Flaccus in Raven Rock (cell -25,19).

Additional scrolls can be obtained on the PC by using the console:
Player -> AddItem "sc_hiddenkiller" 1


A second (and identical) version of this scroll can be found in the game's Construction Set (item ID: sc_Chappy_sniper_test). Chappy refers to an NPC named "Chappy's Test guy" that also exists in the Construction Set but cannot be found in the game.


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