Search and Rescue is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Noxious fumes have leaked into deepcrag Den, a kwama mine. The workers fell ill and the normally docile kwama became enraged.


  1. Find plants for Edrasa: 0/6
  2. Deliver the Plants
  3. Find Boril Drelas in Deepcrag Den
  4. Stop fumes in Middle and Lower Chambers: 0/6 Give Potion to Miners: 0/3
  5. Find Renvis
  6. Kill the Hive Guardian
  7. Talk to Renvis
  8. Confront Edrasa Drelas
  9. Complete one: Return the Amulet to Edrasa Drelas OR Return the Amulet to Boril Drelas
    1. If you choose to return the Amulet to Edrasa, she vows to help the people she's harmed (and does), and to stop giving her husband such a hard time about his lovw for Kwama.
  10. Talk to Boril Drelas