"The wonders of Vvardenfell are unending. Much like my selection of wares. Want to see?"
―Sebastian Brutya[src]

Sebastian Brutya is a Breton guild trader working at his stall, Sebastian's Bazaar, Pilgrim's Market in in Vivec City.


  • "It's hard not to think about Baar Dau, but I'm sure shopping will help. It'll at least take the edge off! I know a lighter coin purse always makes me feel better. Take a look at my wares."
  • "Try not to think about all the rumblings from Red Mountain. It's much better to think about all the goods that just arrived. Take a look at these splendors!"
  • "Come see the best wares in all Vivec City! No, in all of Vvardenfell! No, in all of Tamriel? Yes, the best goods this side of Nirn, right here for your convenience!"