Secluded Chamber is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Secluded Chamber is a sub-location of Potema's Catacombs which lies underneath Solitude. The entrance to the chamber is set into an area on the east side of Solitude's main mountain. Following the main cobble-stoned path east, this chamber can be found in the mountain above the path where it connects to another small path that goes down to the coastline.


This unmarked location is only recognizable by a tiny outcrop which leads to an iron door, with a levelled chest and items available outside it. Upon entering, there are two levelled draugr on thrones sitting on opposite sides of a pedestal holding a Steel Horned Helmet on it. If the Dragonborn heads down the hallway beyond this, they will reach another iron door which cannot be opened as it is barred from the other side.


The Wolf Queen AwakenedEdit

The Secluded Chamber is intended to be used as a quick exit out of Potema's Catacombs after defeating Potema during this quest.


  • From the outside going in, the door reads "Secluded Chamber" but once inside, the map view will show the name "Potema's Sanctum."