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The Second Legion was an Imperial Legion. During the Second Era, the Legion was an Imperial Legion used by Varen Aquilarious to carry his rebellion into the heart of Cyrodiil.[1] Some time after this, the deserters of the Legion were stationed in Grahtwood, Valenwood. The Cave of Broken Sails was their sanctuary, which they called the Imperial Sanctuary Chimera. The Sanctuary was a dock combined with a cave. The deserters were forced to guard Imperial War Supplies by their officers.[2][3] Their General was General Nipia.[4]



  • The supplies that the Second Legion were guarding had the flags and shapes of the Daggerfall Covenant siege equipment.
    • This could mean that the Second Legion aligned themselves with the Daggerfall Covenant during the Alliance War.
    • It could also be that Zenimax Online decided to re-use pre-existing Covenant shaped siege engine assets rather than make new Imperial-shaped siege weapons for the quest.
  • The Second Legion had at least 33 cohorts during the Second Era.[5]