Secrets of the Ayleids is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


Lord Umbacano asks the Hero to retrieve the Crown of the Ayleids the Crown of Nenalata from Herminia Cinna. Cinna lives in the Elven Gardens District, but one can find her in Green Emperor Way too.


Herminia will not give the crown to the Hero since it has hidden magical powers that will prove too dangerous in the hands of Umbacano. However, she tells them where to find another Ayleid crown that Umbacano might think is the correct crown. This other crown is in the ruins of Lindai, for which she gives them a key to and marks it on the map.


Secrets of the Ayleids Lindai

Location of crown

At this point one can either be good and get the other crown or be bad and steal the correct crown from Herminia's house on the second floor. If going after the second crown, head over to Lindai and go through the rooms in the ruin until one reaches a large areea. The crown is in a small Ayleid cask, grab it and the two Varla Stones while there and get out of the ruin.

If one decide to give him the Crown of Lindai he will comment that the markings on the crown are somewhat different to how his reference books describe but nevertheless he will mistake it for the real thing, or if one give Umbacano the correct crown he accepts it straight away and either way, asks them to escort him through the ruins of Nenalata in three days.


Secrets of the Ayleids Fight Undead

Fighting enemies

After waiting for three days, Umbacano appears at the ruins along with Claude Maric, he will say don't worry as they are now on the same side. The Hero must now escort them through the ruin.

It is recommended that one tell him to wait or ignore him and then clear the area before escorting him, since he dies easily and the enemies are hard to kill. There are both Liches, skeletons and other undead to fight.

Once arriving at the bottom of the ruin, Umbacano gives a little speech and then this opens a door to a large throne room. In here he sits on the throne then the storyline changes depending on which crown they gave him earlier on:

Crown of NenalataEdit

TESIV Map Nenalata

Instructions for the Hero, drawn by Umbacano.

Umbacano will put on the crown and yell out in elven tongue, at that point the four dark welkynd stones lining the room will transform him into the King of Nenalata and he will turn rogue, also sections of wall around the room will slide down and skeletons or liches if one is level 18 or higher, will come out to aid Umbacano.

He has a leveled staff at this point which makes disposing of him that little bit trickier. The staircase they came down from will have lowered making escape impossible in that direction and they will have to run through the throne room and out the rear before making the way out of the ruin.

Crown of LindaiEdit

Secrets of the Ayleids End

Crown of Lindai

Umbacano will put on the crown and yell out in elven tongue, at that point the four dark welkynd stones will destroy the crown of their hated rival, killing Umbacano in the process.

Once this happens the skeletons/liches will appear out of the now lowered sections of wall and the stairs will lower, so they will have to use the alternate way out of the ruin.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

Umbacano has hired me to obtain an Ayleid Crown he wants from Herminia Cinna, a rival collector. He paid me in advance; whatever I do not use to purchase the crown I can keep as my fee.

  • Update: After meeting Herminia Cinna:

Herminia Cinna refused to sell me the Crown of Nenalata that Umbarcano wants. She hinted that it can be used to access potent magical powers that would dangerous in the wrong hands.

  • Update: After Herminia Cinna talked about Lindai:

Herminia Cinna gave me the key to the royal burial vault of Lindai, which she believes holds a similar Ayleid Crown. She suggested that Umbacano would not know the difference between the Crown of Lindai and the Crown of Nenalata, since he has never seen either one.

  • Update:After talking to Herminia:

I need to bring Umbacano one of the Ayleid Crowns, either by stealing the Crown of Nenalata from Heminia Cinna, or by recovering the Crown of Lindai as Herminia Cinna suggested.

  • Update:After finding the Ayleid Crown of Lindai:

I have found the Ayleid Crown of Lindai, as Herminia Cinna said. Now to return to Umbacano to complete my task.

  • Update:After returning to Umbacano:

I gave Umbacano the Ayleid Crown of Lindai, as Herminia Cinna suggested. He did not appear to be aware that it was not the Ayleid Crown that he had asked me to retrieve.

  • Update:After giving the Crown to Umbacano:

Umbacano has asked me to meet him at the Ayleid ruin of Nenalata. He wants me to help him reach the throne room so that he can complete his research on the last king of the Ayleids.

  • Update:After waiting three days:

I met Umbacano outside the ruins of Nenalata. I need to guide him safely to the throne room.

  • Update:After reaching the throne room:

Umbacano was horribly destroyed in Nenalata when he declared himself King of the Ayleids using the crown of the rival city of Lindai. Now to escape the wrath of the undead denizens of Nenalata!

  • Quest complete


  • When Umbacano starts the incantation to gain entry to the throne chamber, one can reverse direction and jump from the lowering stairs up to where they came from. And thus backtrack through the ruins without fighting the undead, or one can wait up there and kill them from a distance. If one decides to not kill them, one will forgo the loot from Umbacano.
  • The incantation chanted by Umbacano to gain entry to the throne chamber is "Av Auri-El ye Tamri-El dellevoy an Arpen Aran tarnabye!", which translates roughly as "By Auriel and Tamriel grant the noble King passage!". When he ascends the throne, he says "Av Sunna Tam Riel arctavoy an Arpen Aran malaburo!" (By blessed Tamriel acknowledge the Noble King (in your) loving-vassalage).
  • Since Nothing You Can Possess is a nod to Indiana Jones, it is likely that Secrets of the Ayleids is a reference to Secret of the Incas, which was an inspiration for Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Of the two crowns, it seems more logical to give Umbacano the Crown of Nenalata, either way they can recover the crown from his corpse after he dies, but the Crown of Lindai will be irreparably destroyed, if used in Nenalata. If one give him the Crown of Nenalata, simply go and grab the Crown of Lindai later, both have some useful enchantments so take care when deciding which crown to use.
  • However, note that the crown of Lindai is impossible to repair, making it an ideal object to level armorer skill in no time as one will use hammers without effect. (patched)
  • If one stole the Crown of Nenalata and gave it to Umbacano, it will not count as stolen after looting it from Umbacano's corpse.
  • When he first gives the quest, if one say that one is not interested twice, he will contract someone else, presumably Claude Maric, to "obtain" the Crown of Nenalata. If they then talk to him again, he will offer the job of escorting him to Nenalata, along with the Breton. They can then clear the ruin, escort him down there and claim the crown from his corpse.

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