Seed-Neeus is an Argonian trader and the owner of the Northern Goods and Trade store in Chorrol. She is the mother of Dar-Ma.

She commonly trades with the town of Hackdirt, and is also a Journeyman trainer of Mercantile with 800 GoldIcon available with which to barter. She also sells upgrades for Arborwatch, the house for sale in Chorrol.


A Shadow over HackdirtEdit

The Hero is asked to go to the small hamlet of Hackdirt to discover what happened to Dar-Ma, the daughter of Seed-Neeus. Upon arrival, the townspeople will act suspicious, and the villager the Hero is sent to says the girl never showed up.


Chorrol: "If I don't have what you need, you might try the other Chorrol merchants. Renoit's has books, Fire and Steel for your armor and weapons."