Seeking the Guardians is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The Beldama Wyrd asked for my help. The Wyrd rely on the elemental guardians for guidance and counsel, but the spirits have become mysteriously silent.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Ileana to find out more
  2. Collect five limbs from Lurchers
  3. Perform the rite by the altar
  4. Talk to the Guardian of the Earth
  5. Go back to Ileana
  6. Complete the quest


After finding Wyress Ileana, she tells the Vestige the guardians are elemental spirits and an old rite must be performed to contact them, but it's too dangerous for the sisters to perform it.

Ileana thinks it might work for the Vestige to perform the rite, even though they are not one of them. She tells them about the Lurchers, and that the Vestige must gather their limbs. Burn the limbs at the altar, atop the nearby ruins. A guardian will appear one finished.

The guardian will inform them that Angof the Gravesinger has imprisoned them, and they are cut off from the Wyrd. The Vestige must set the guardians free. To do so, they must cleanse the standing stones of Angof's dark influence and protect the Wyrd while they destroy the corruption binding the stones.

This will however only loosen Angof's grip. Go back to Ileana and tell her about the corruption, and she'll know what must be done. Head back to the Wyrd camp and talk to Ileana and tell her what the guardian said. She says that they will do whatever they can to help as the guardians must be set free. Completing the quest will reward the Vestige with a small amount of GoldIcon.


  • 36–151 GoldIcon