Selene's Web is a dungeon in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.






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"I would congratulate you on retrieving the second piece of the Staff of Chaos, but dire portents have I seen. The third piece of the Staff lies somewhere in the Elden Grove, ancient home of the Elves. The Elden Grove is said to be the birthplace of the sacred First Tree, that which gave life to all the forests on the continent of Tamriel. Its location has been a closely guarded secret, so guarded in fact that many believe that even the Elves have forgotten its true location. Considering that there are only three provinces that hold any of the Elven people, your search should not be too difficult. Find the Elden Grove and recover the third piece of the Staff. I wish you well on your quest..."
―Ria Silmane[src]
Ria Silmane (Elden Grove) vision

After recovering the Second Piece of the Staff of Chaos, Ria Silmane again contacts the Eternal Champion, praising their skills. The deceased sorcerer discovered the location of the Third Piece, the lost land of Elden Grove, which is said to be the birthplace of all trees in Tamriel.

Queen UlandraEdit

Asking citizens will eventually direct the Eternal Champion to the city of Eldenroot, the capital of Valenwood province. The Bosmer Queen Ulandra will propose a deal with the Eternal Champion: the High Priestess of Shagrath, the God of Spiders, Selene, recently delivered an ultimatum to Valenwood's establishment, which basically says that the Bosmer must surrender their land or be eliminated. If the Queen has Selene's "heart," she will not dare attack Eldenroot.

After accepting the deal, the dungeon Selene's Web will be marked on the map. It is advisable to carry potions and good equipment, for Selene's Web is infested with Spiders, who will attack in group and have the ability to paralyze their opponents.

Selene's WebEdit

Selene's Web First Level

Selene's Web, First Level. The black line shows an easy way to obtain the Key and reach the door.

Selene's Web is southeast of Elden Wood, it is a medium-sized dungeon with two levels. The First Level has a locked door which leads to the Second Level. The key remains on an island in the center of the dungeon. However, it is possible to use the spell Passwall to break the walls and enter the door without the key.

The first level is guarded Spiders, Wolves, and Skeletons.

The Second Level is more complex; it is divided into four parts. The Heart of Selene is on the central area, which is locked. The key is on the southeast area, surrounded by walls and guarded by Wraiths and Barbarians. It is easier to jump the walls using the mouse to make a better approach. Beware of the Wraiths' fire attacks as they mean almost instantaneous death, even for someone in Dwarven Armor, it is advised that the Champion bring some Fire Resistance Potions.

After obtaining the Key, open the door on the central area and take the Heart of Selene. The item must be delivered to Queen Ulandra in Eldenroot. She will then proceed to inscribe Elden Grove on the Champion's map.


Give the Heart of Selene to Queen Ulandra and she will fulfil her part of the exchange and inscribe the location of Elden Grove on the map. Before going to Eldenroot, it is advisable to take potions of fire resistance or have the spell Resist Fire, as Wraiths will be encountered, and their fire attacks are devastating.