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Senchal is the largest port in southern Tamriel.[source?] Its sprawl covers the easternmost tip of Elsweyr's Quin'rawl peninsula. It is one of several possible locations that the Eternal Champion may discover in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

Architectural design and environmentEdit

Black Keirgo is Senchal's most squalid and dangerous quarter. The air is humid and full of the chimney smoke from rich houses. Much of the city is abandoned or in ruins.[source?]

Social dynamicEdit

A motley assortment of bazaars, taverns, merchant quarters, and open air markets ringed on three sides by its crowded harbours.[source?] Senchal is a favorite stopping point for pirates and sea captains seeking to ply illegal or blackmarket goods.[source?] Thieves are everywhere, as are beggars and Khajiit sugar junkies.[source?]


In 2E 560, the Knahaten Flu infected the population. Whole neighborhoods were destroyed in an effort to cleanse Senchal of the Flu and have never been rebuilt.[1]

Sometime after 2E 790, S'rathra ran a lucrative Skooma smuggling business out of the port city.[source?]

The Third Legion is recorded to have sacked Senchal during the Tiber Wars.[2]



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