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Main article: Creatures (Online)
For other uses, see Senche-tiger.

Senche-tigers are a variant of senche native to Elsweyr and Valenwood in The Elder Scrolls Online. They are beasts of strength and majesty which have inspired many tall tales and rumors.[1]


The Bosmer hunt senche-tigers for their meat and pelts,[2] as well as their bones, which the Wood Elves are convinced contain almost magical properties when crafted into arrows. The Redguards of Hammerfell import powdered senche-tiger claws and teeth for use in concoctions that claim to do everything from extending one’s life to instilling good luck.[1]

A number of Senche-Tigers have been tamed, and can be found residing at the Laughing Moons Plantation, overseen by Cinder-Tail.


  • Double Strike: [3]
  • [?]


Senche-Tigers are considered "beasts", and drop appropriate items depending upon their level. These include:



Notable sencheEdit




  • U3:From Update 3, Senche-Tigers will no longer display a telegraph for the ability Double Strike after it has finished casting [4]




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