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Race Breton
Gender Female
Class Priestess
Faction The Reach; Marriage; Temple of Dibella; Markarth
Essential Yes
Ref ID 000263CD
Base ID 000133B7
"The temple is closed, but you may still receive your blessing from Dibella."

Senna is a priestess of Dibella and can be found in the Temple of Dibella, in Markarth.


Senna can be a candidate for marriage if the Dragonborn wears an Amulet of Mara.


Senna is available for marriage after finishing the quest The Heart of Dibella, which can be started in two different ways:

  • Start Degaine's quest in Markarth.
  • Go into the Temple of Dibella and pick the locked door to the rear (or pickpocket Senna for the key). Don't get caught by anybody but Mother Hamal or else a fight may ensue. If the Dragonborn still gets attacked by the priestesses there, then yield and Hamal will spare them. If Orla, by chance, keeps attacking, it won't harm to kill her. Hamal will just say something like, "Better her than me". Talk to Hamal again to get the quest.

Hired ThugsEdit

She will send hired thugs after the perpetrator if they are caught stealing from the Temple of Dibella.



  • Senna seems to be one of the only marriage options that does not like Lakeview Manor.


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  • Once married, Senna may not ask the Dragonborn where they want to live. She can be found wandering Markarth or in the Temple of Dibella. Every time the Dragonborn tries talking to her, she may give the default conversations, marital living not being mentioned.
    • However, if the Dragonborn talks to her before she leaves the wedding ceremony, she will in fact ask where they would like her to live. She takes a while to get to her new home, but runs a store from it without being asked and will give half the proceeds to her spouse, if asked.
    • If the Dragonborn returns to the Temple of Dibella a few days after the wedding, Senna will be there and asks where shall they live.
    • When asked what she has for sale, Senna's dialog will show up, but it won't make any sound.


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