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For this location in Oblivion, see Sercen (Oblivion).

Sercen is an Ayleid Ruin in the province of Cyrodiil. Located southeast of Bleaker's Outpost. In the height of Ayleid Rule, Sercen was known for abusing the Nedic slaves that were kept here, as they were tortured for Ayleid enjoyment. When the Ayleid kingdom collapsed, the entrance to the city was sealed off, and the structure fell into ruin. As of 2E 582 mercenaries lead by a Redguard named Rasha began occupation of the city, claiming that they had looting rights, and working to unseal the entrance.




  • Legends about this Ayleid City often speak of the "Gut-gardens of Sercen", showing how badly slaves were treated here.


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