"I tell you, things grow darker here by the damn hour!"
―Sergeant Antieve[src]

Sergeant Antieve is a Breton member of Evermore City Guard.


A City in BlackEdit

Leading the StandEdit


"I'm expecting you to come back here with at least a few Reachmen heads hanging from your belt. We can mount them on the city walls. I wonder what Captain Hjurrun did with old Strasnoc's head ... we should get that one up too."

You know Captain Hjurrun is dead, right? "No, but damn! That stupid Nord. He was in on Duke Renchant's plan, wasn't he? I had a feeling. Well, I guess he got what was coming to him."
The queen's going to promote you to Lieutenant. "She said that? Well I'll be an Argonian's uncle! I thought I'd be Sergeant forever. Maybe I can afford that new mace after all ... assuming we beat the Reachmen and the queen stays true to her word. I trust her though."