"Good. You've returned to your senses. Let's talk."
―Sergeant Delms[src]

Sergeant Delms is a Dunmer in Seyda Neen on Vvardenfell.

Breaking Through the FogEdit

Lighthouse guard Sergeant Delms was asked to protect it and research the sabotage's crime scene. The Vestige, as part of his quest to uncover the shipwreck, speaks to him in hopes of learning more of it.


"So, care to tell me what you were doing on that slaver ship?"

They captured me and I was trying to escape. What is this place? "This is the port town of Seyda Neen, on the island of Vvardenfell. We fished you out of the burning wreckage of a slaver ship near Firemoth. If you're not a slaver, why were you dressed as one?"
We were in disguise, trying to make our escape from the ship. "We? Hmm. I'll let Governor Salvi sort this out. She wants to see you. Best not to keep her waiting."

"Halt! No one's allowed up here!"

Deputy Governor Salvi asked me to look into the shipwreck: "She asked you to-an outlander? Isn't it enough she stuck me up here to guard the flame indefinitely, but now she's looking for help outside the house guard? Ah, what else can I expect after what happened the other night?"
Tell me what happened: "Findun sent a barrel of his finest ale for Watch Captain Bethes's birthday. Powerful stuff. One cup and we could barely keep our eyes open. The entire regiment was knocked on its collective arse. When I came to my senses, I saw that the fire had gone out."
So you don't know who put out the flame?: "Look, once I heard the crash along the shore, it was all I could do to get moving and raise the alarm. Cherishes-Water loves to loiter near the lighthouse. Maybe she noticed something. If you're intent on doing our job, you should talk to her. If there's nothing else, some of us have guard duty to get back to. Wouldn't want anyone to steal the lighthouse's signal fire again."
Who's Cherishes-Water?: "The Argonian vagrant? She's a harmless beggar who's as much part of Seyda Neen as the docks or the lighthouse. I doubt it, but she might have seen something we missed. Now let me get back to it before the deputy governor gives me another demerit."
The deputy governor seems like a harsh taskmaster: "Cold as stone and tougher than an ornery nix-ox! Rumor is she started out as an Ordinator. Served with the governor's son Nivel before his untimely death. Now she's the deputy governor who loves to make proclamations and order us about."