Serpent's Bluff Redoubt is a camp in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


This area is patrolled by five Forsworn and some pressure plate booby traps. A Hagraven may also be present if the Dragonborn is a high enough level.

Within the camp there is dungeon area called Serpent's Bluff Ruins. There is a pressure plate on a table in the main room, this will open the gate. Pick up an item (or dead body) and drop it on the plate to open the gate permanently. The second gate is activated by a button at eye level at the Dragonborn's right side when standing in front of it, facing it, and leads to the second way out of the ruins.


Notable itemsEdit

It also contains an Arcane Enchanter and several potions.

Note: The enchanter, soul gems and Twin Secrets are in the Serpent's Bluff Ruins, not the camp.