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"All prayers are heard. Not all are acknowledged."
―Servant of Sotha Sil[src]

The Servant of Sotha Sil is a spectral projection encompassing the knowledge of Sotha Sil.


Night of the SoulEdit

Speak to the Servant of Sotha Sil to find out whether the Tribunal have heard Disciple Sildras's prayers.



Sildras wants to know if the Tribunal hear his prayers. "All prayers are heard. Not all are acknowledged."

Are you saying Sotha Sil doesn't care? "Every small cog drives a greater gear. Each is necessary; otherwise, the whole collapses. 'When any cog shivers from the stresses on it, the Master feels it, but the load he assigns it is no more than he knows it can bear."
Who is Sotha Sil? "Wizard. Mystic. Master of the Clockwork City. An architect of time and a binder of Oblivion. One who masters the tools that mastered others. Does this answer satisfy?"
It only leaves more questions. "Good. Seek. Learn. When you are prepared, find the Master. He will be interested to hear your conclusions."