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Not to be confused with Seryn or Seryn Othralen.
"Seryn holds no official title that I could discern, but she commanded the respect of her tribe as well as that of the other three tribes in attendance. She moves freely from camp to camp, apparently serving as a kind of ambassador for the ashkhan of her tribe. She carries herself with a serene dignity and quiet confidence that puts those she communes with at ease."
―Grand Marshal Medno[1]

Seryn is a Dunmer ashlander in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. She is a diplomat of the Urshilaku Tribe, and is .[1] Her brother, Ashkhan Chodala, is the Nerevarine incarnate and the leader of the Urshilaku Tribe.


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Main Quest: Divine Disaster

"My brother―duped by the hound of Clavicus Vile! This is bad. Very bad. And the Tribunal god isn't in any shape to assist us. How can we find Clockwork City without Vivec's help? Perhaps that priest can tell us more."

"Do what you can for Vivec. I'll pray to Azura for guidance, then I might go and poke around the Archcanon's office. See if he left anything behind that might shed some light on this terrible situation."

Main Quest: Divine Blessings

"I may not consider him to be a true deity, but Vivec doesn't seem to be an entirely bad sort. I'll be heading back to my tribe soon. I'm glad we got a chance to see each other again before I take my leave."

Are you doing all right after all this?
"I lost my brother to ambition and became the champion of Azura. From that point of view, I suppose I'm doing as well as can be expected. I'll return to the tribes. Pick up where Chodala and I left off―before he decided he was the Nerevarine."

Has Azura told you anything else?
"Not directly. I do have a sense that malignant forces are gathering on the planes of Oblivion, but that could just be the scrib jelly and Cheese I ate for lunch. Farewell, Outlander. May the Queen of the Night Sky guide you on your travels."