Sevame Saryon is a Dunmer sorceress found lurking in the Dun-Ahhe cave, located in the Ashlands region due west from Tel Vos and northeast from the nearby Cavern of the Incarnate. Sevame is hostile and will readily engage in combat with any adversary in sight.


Sevame is located on the upper level of a small room near the cave's entrance. She may begin combat by using her leveled amulet and/or ring. Otherwise she casts Wild Distraction to drain an adversary's Intelligence. She follows up with Blood Despair to drain her opponent's Willpower. Savame may cast a weakness spell or two before switching to melee combat. Saryon fights with a leveled dagger or shortsword, until either she or his opponent is dead.

Attributes and equipmentEdit

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Sevame Saryon an expert in the Destruction school of magic. She is proficient in other magical arts as well, such as Mysticism, Alteration, and Conjuration. Sevame has 58 points in Enchant, and 40 points in her preferred melee weapon skill, Short Blade.
Primary Skills
Destruction 68
Mysticism 62
Alteration 58
Conjuration 58
Enchant 58

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

Resist Fire - 75%
Ancestor Guardian
Absorb Intelligence
Absorb Willpower
Blood Despair
Burden of Sin
Daedric Bite
Deadly Poison
Dire Weakness to Fire
Dire Weakness to Frost
Dire Weakness to Magicka
Dire Weakness to Poison
Dire Weakness to Shock
Great Feather
Sotha's Mirror
Spell Absorption
Strong Fire Shield
Strong Frost Shield
Strong Shock Shield
Vivec's Feast
Vivec's Wrath
Weak Spelldrinker
Weakness to Corprus Disease
Wild Distraction
Wild Spelldrinker


Amulet (leveled)
Expensive Shoes
Extravagant Robe
 • Ring (leveled)
Short Blade (leveled)
Gold (1–30, leveled)