For this faction in Online, see Seventh Legion (Online).

The Seventh Legion is a legion in the Imperial Legion. They have been utilized multiple times by different Empires in events often relating to invasions.


During the Second Era, the seventh Legion was known to have been instigating the invasion on the Bangkorai region of High Rock under the supervision of Clivia Tharn Empire.[1] They were set to withdraw from the region, but the plans for that were cancelled after the Imperial City was invaded by Daedra during the Planemeld.[2] During the Third Era, the Seventh Legion was known to have accompanied Uriel Septim V on his ill-fated journey to Akavir in a conquest to annex it into the Septim Empire.[3] Later during the early Fourth Era, the Seventh Legion, along with the Fifteenth Legion defended Orsinium when the Redguards and Bretons came to sack it. Following the sacking of Orsinium, the two Legions put themselves in harms way to get the survivors to safety in Skyrim.[4]