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Severa Magia

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Severa Magia
Severa Magia
Race Imperial
Gender Female
Level 25
Location Ald Sotha
Health 168
Magicka 168
Class Assassin
Faction Dark Brotherhood
Rank Night Mother
Related Quests Kill Severa Magia
Threads of the Webspinner
Ref ID severa magia

Severa Magia is an Imperial assassin who resides in the Daedric Ruins of Ald Sotha. She is the Night Mother of the Dark Brotherhood.


Morag TongEdit

Threads of the WebspinnerEdit

Find the 26 Sanguine items for Eno Hlaalu to receive a reward from Mephala.

Kill Severa MagiaEdit

The Dark Brotherhood in Vvardenfell keep their headquarters in the ruins of Ald Sotha, which is northeast of Vivec. The Nerevarine must travel there and honorably execute the local Night Mother of the Dark Brotherhood, Severa Magia.


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