Not to be confused with Severia Atticus, Severio Pelagia, or Severa Magia.
"Ask your questions but be quick, Warrior. I'm quite busy with the moon sugar investigation."
―Severia Gratius[src]

Severia Gratius is an Imperial guard and champion for the Imperial Legion at Fort Frostmoth. She is currently conducting an investigation at the fort, and could use some help.


Rebellion at FrostmothEdit

Only after this quest has been completed Severia will appear.

The Moon Sugar MysteryEdit

The Nerevarine has met Severia Gratius, a guard at Fort Frostmoth. Gratius has been ordered to solve the mystery of a recent rash of moon sugar poisonings here on Solstheim. Several people, including a Cult priest at Frostmoth, have been mysteriously afflicted with temporary moon sugar euphoria, and the Imperials suspect foul play. Gratius is in charge of the investigation.

After discovering who it is, she will send the Nerevarine to kill Uncle Sweetshare, who will confess to his crimes. All that is needed is his White Colovian Fur Helm, which can be handed over if asked or looted if he is killed.


Show: The Moon Sugar Mystery
Outside Fort Frostmoth:

"Ask your questions but be quick, Warrior. I'm quite busy with the moon sugar investigation."

moon sugar investigation "You're new at Fort Frostmoth so I guess you haven't heard. Over the past couple of months several people across Solstheim have been poisoned...with moon sugar. Someone has been slipping it into their food and wine. They experience temporary euphoria, and then complete exhaustion. I've been charged with finding the culprit and bringing him to justice. Recently our Cult priest Jeleen was poisoned, so it is now officially an Imperial matter."
Imperial matter "If it were just the locals the Empire couldn't be bothered. But now one of our own has been affected! Last week our Cult priest was stricken with moon sugar euphoria after drinking some wine. I don't have the manpower to deal with this problems, but my superiors are getting impatient. They want the culprit dead. I need to call upon you, as a loyal member of the Imperial Legion, to bring this poisoner to justice. What say you? Will you serve me, and the Empire?"
I would be honored to serve the Empire. What must I do, Severia? "Excellent. You are a credit to the Imperial Legion, Nerevarine (Player name). I hereby order you to kill the man responsible for the moon sugar poisonings. Jeleen, our Cult priest, was the most recent victim, and he actually caught a glimpse of the culprit. It was a man wearing, oddly enough, a unique white Colovian fur helm. Bring me this white helm, and I'll know justice has been served. Be sure to question Jeleen at the Cult shrine before you depart. He may have some more information."
Imperial matter "The matter is still under investigation, and I suggest you get a move on."
moon sugar investigation "You're in charge of the investigation now, Nerevarine (Player name). I suggest you stop wasting time and get on with it."
I can't help you right now, Severia. I have other pressing matters to attend to. "Very well, then. I hope you will put any personal matters to rest as quickly as you're able, and then return to accept this mission. You are a member of the Imperial Legion, Nerevarine (Player name), and our first duty is to the Empire. I know thinngs seem a bit lax around here, and some of the other guards aren't as motivated as they should be. I expected better from you. Good day."

If approached again:

"Nerevarine (Player name), you've returned. The fact that you're not carrying a white Colovian fur helm leads me to believe that the moon sugar poisoner is still at large. Please hurry. If one more person is victimized by this scoundrel, it could mean by job. And that would make me most unhappy."

After returning with the White Colovian Fur Helm:

"Nerevarine (Player name)! Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a white Colovian fur helm? Then the deed is done. The moon sugar poisoner has been brought to justice. Excellent work. You have done a great service to me, the Legion, and the Empire itself. Take this gold as payment for a job well done. And I would also give you another reward, as a symbol of my personal thanks. This shortsword has served me well, and you'll find its enchantments will help rally others to your cause."

Imperial matter "That matter has been put to rest, thanks to you."
moon sugar investigation "The matter has been resolved. The poisoner has been brought to justice, and the Imperial Legion has you to thank."

If approached again:

"Hail, Nerevarine (Player name)! How can I help you, my brother-in-arms?"