Severus Tappo is an Imperial assassin found at a lake in the White Fall Valley, south of Kingscrest Cavern, east of Shurgak Clan Estate, and north of Fanacas.


The ListEdit

Tappo can be found at a small dock at an unnamed lake, sharpening his swords besides a small lamp. When spoken to, Severus speaks to the Vestige in a threatening tone, asking them to leave. If one chooses to continue speaking to him, he will turn hostile and attack them. Once he is killed, a Journal Page found on his body will initiate the quest when read.



"What are you doing here? Get away, this is my place!"

Why so jumpy?
"None of your business. You know what happens to folks who stick their noses into my affairs?"

No, what?
"They end up dead. Dead and left out for animals to eat. You like that? Maybe I'll take an ear to remember you by. Sound good to you?"
Try it.


The Journal Page found on Tappo's body, which can be read after he is killed, is mostly identical to the book It's the Hunt that Counts. The following is the text from the dialogue interaction boxes, with bolded words being player input:

Journal PageEdit

Fourth victim in as many years! Should seek more out, easy pickings so far. Not much on them, but that doesn't matter. It's the hunt that counts.

Stash away a souvenir, sell the rest, move on to the next victim.

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Maritus Blasio of Vlastarus, Divyth Dorvayn of Bruma, Enide Geta of Chorrol, Varana Scaeva of Cropsford. List grows longer every year.

Keepsakes to remember them by.

I should return the keepsakes to the victims' families.