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"Altars have been raised; Anchorites have been called. Watch the skies; once a week His Grace shines down on us."

The Shade of the Revenant is a celestial phenomenon followed by necromancers for the purpose of crafting Black Soul Gems from ordinary Grand Soul Gems. The event causes a purplish black discoloration of the sky and is witnessed at few locations and specific times of the year.



The phenomenon occurs every 8th day.

Days passed Calendar date
1 Last Seed 27
9 Heartfire 4
17 Heartfire 12
25 Heartfire 20
33 Heartfire 28
41 Frostfall 6
49 Frostfall 14
57 Frostfall 22
65 Frostfall 30


During the Third Era, a Conjurer of the Mages Guild—possibly the Hero of Kvatch—learned of the "Shade of the Revenant" from a book called the Necromancer's Moon while investigating a mage named Falcar. The Conjurer went to the Dark Fissure on a tip from Bothiel and Raminus Polus and witnessed a necromancer creating Black Soul Gems.


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