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Not to be confused with Shadow Cluck.

Shadow Cloak is a Nightblade active skill in the Shadow skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.



Shadowy DisguiseEdit

  • U3: Fixed an issue where Rank 4 of this ability was not increasing the critical strike rating with spells. [1]

Dark CloakEdit

  • U4: This ability no longer stuns crowd-control immune bosses when you are alone. [2]
  • U6: This ability now makes the next attack a guaranteed crit. Reduced the cost of this morph by 10% [3]


Restoration Staff light attacks, Inner Fire, and Cripple. [5]

  • U5: Shadow Cloak will no longer be removed by an enemy using Force Siphon [5]
  • U5: Your cloak will no longer be removed if you cast Scorched Earth (Volley morph) or Caltrops, then cast Shadow Cloak. [5]
  • U6: Fixed an issue where the damage over time component from the ability Poison Arrow would remove you from Shadow Cloak. [3]
  • U6: Fixed an issue where Spear Shards and Volley would not hit an enemy using Shadow Cloak.[3]
  • U6: Fixed an issue that could allow heavy attacks to hit another player character who had activated Shadow Cloak if the ability had been activated while the heavy attack was in the process of charging.[3]
  • U6: Fixed an issue where the effects from this ability would stay visible when the target receiving the shield would go into stealth.[3]



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