Shadowfen Smorgasbord is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The drunken cook, Angwe, is in trouble. She bet her hunter friend that she'd collect ingredients from beasts all over Shadowfen and cook him a feast in Hissmir. Now sober, she is afraid to venture out into the fen, for fear of these same creatures.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Veenaza
  2. Collect Kagouti Ribs (Kagouti)
  3. Collect Mudcrab Claw Meat (Mudcrabs
  4. Collect Wasp Eggs (Giant Wasp)
  5. Collect an Alit's Heart (Alit)
  6. Complete one:
    1. Talk to Angwe
    2. Talk to Veenaza


When talking to Veenaza, choose the option that says "I asked around. Everyone told me to talk to Veenaza."



  • The loser of the bet has to dance for the winner.