For other uses, see Shadowrend.
For The Monster Mask Set, see Shadowrend Set.

Shadowrend is a clannfear found at the the Banished Cells in Auridon. Shadowrend has two unique items that there is a rare chance to drop, Darktage (a unique shield in the Tormentor item set), and Render's Axe, a unique axe in the Jailbreaker set.


  • Shadow Proxy: Creates a shadowy clone of itself that also deals damage.



Banishing the BanishedEdit


  • Shadowrend's Shadow Proxy formerly earned experience and skill rank progression. As of Update 5, this is not longer the case.U5
  • An exploit where Shadowrend was unable to reach the Vestige, but they could still attack has been removed, with the creature now resetting when this occurs.U6