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Sharapli is a cave in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is a dark cave in the Ashlands region, located east of the Ghostgate, at the foot of the Ghostfence. Streams of Lava can be found inside. It is inhabited by Sixth House Dreamers, hostile creatures and a leveled Dremora. the entrance of the cave is bared by lava, making it difficult to access, unless the Nerevarine possesses levitation. In the middle section, next to a Dreamer, six bells can be found hanging across a platform. Another part of the cave has a pool of water called 'The Pool of Forgetfulness'. In the furthest area of the cave, a Sixth House shrine can be found behind a Dremora.


Ghostgate Sharapli Interior Morrowind

A dreamer and the six bells

Notable ItemsEdit



  • Although The Pool of Forgetfulness can be activated, it, apparently, does not do anything.
  • Each of the six bells can be rang and have a different tone.


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