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Shashev's Ring

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Golden Touch (Achievement) Shashev's Ring
Ring of the Hortator - Morrowind
Weight 0.10 WeightIcon
Value 22,000 GoldIcon
Additional Effects Paralyze
Uses 5
Enchantment Total 300
Type Ring
FormID ring_shashev_unique
Main article: Jewelry (Morrowind)

Shashev's Ring is a unique enchanted ring held by the Dunmer mage, Shashev. It paralyzes an opponent while inflicting Poison damage.


Enchantment ID: devil's bite_en

Both effects are for 15 seconds on target:


Shashev's KeyEdit

Sirilonwe at the Vivec Mages Guild wants a rival mage killed, and a key acquired that will allow access to his research. Shashev is at the Ald-Skar Inn in Ald'ruhn. This ring can be taken from his remains when he is killed.


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