Shawna Loghammer is a Nord who resides in the village of Deleyn's Mill in Glenumbra.


Ash and ReprieveEdit

The village of Deleyn's Mill is under siege. Fire threatens to burn the village to the ground while enraged forest creatures attack the remaining villagers. The witches of the Beldama Wyrd are trying to contain the situation. Shawna is one of the six villagers to be rescued.


Show: Ash and Reprieve

"I thought I was the last one left out here. Well, get up here and fight besides me. Today is a glorious day to die!"

How many of the creatures have you killed? "Every last one of the damned things that got too close. A Nord never gives up. And a Nord never backs down from a fight. I'll keep fighting and swinging my axe until my arm falls off. And then I'll find a way to fight some more!"

The surviving villagers are gathering in the mill. You should join them. "I'm not afraid to die, stranger. But I might as well do it while defending the village. Thanks for the help. I look forward to fighting at your side back at the mill."
After all the survivors have been rounded up in the mill.

"The witches use magic the likes of which I've never seen before. I don't entirely trust it, but it does seem to be working."