Shazah is a Khajiit and the sister of Khali. They are both the current Lunar Champions, the two next in line to possibly become the next Mane following Akkhuz-ri's demise.

Compared to her sister, Shazah is more reserved and studious, preferring the arts of magic instead of swordplay. She was deeply scarred in her youth by the death of her parents, Namu and Ubraz. During her journey down the Moonlit Path, she learns to accept these terrible events rather than fearing them.

In the end, if Khali is chosen as the next Mane, Shazah will be corrupted by the Dark Mane and will need to be put down.


Striking at the HeartEdit

The twins Khali and Shazah have come to Hectahame.

Grim SituationEdit

Grimmer StillEdit

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