"Leave me to drink, stranger. If I can't remember what matters, might as well forget it all."

Shazeem is a Redguard residing in the city of Port Hunding, Stros M'Kai. When first encountered by the Vestige, it is apparent that he has amnesia, and now only wants another drink. He also has a pet monkey named Qawi.

After the quest "Washed Ashore," he relocates to The Spearhead, a ship that is docked in the city of Wayrest. Shazeem is grateful to the Vestige for helping him find a place with Captain Marck's crew.


Washed AshoreEdit

The Vestige is tasked with finding Shazeem's belongings, with the help of Qawi.


  • "I shall remain aboard until we reach Daggerfall, my friend. An island full of Orcs would try my patience." (When aboard the Spearhead docked in Betnikh.)
  • "You know, it's strange how memories keep coming back to me. When we arrived in Wayrest, I didn't remember it at all. Now I'm remembering all sorts of things. I think I've found a place here with Captain Marck. I owe that to you." (Aboard the Spearhead in Wayrest.)