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Basic Info
Loot Shellbug Chitin
Base ID XX0195A5

The Shellbug is a large, rare, immobile and passive insect found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.


Shellbugs cannot be killed by any conventional means, however they can be mined for Shellbug Chitin and sometimes a random gem. After three pieces of chitin have been mined, the shellbug dies. The chitin can be used to make a Shellbug Helmet.


Shellbugs are rare; they only appear in two locations. Forgotten Vale Cave located in Forgotten Vale. It is hidden in a secret area of the cave. Another can be found in Sharpslope Cave.

Forgotten Vale CaveEdit

Behind a hidden door that can be accessed by pulling a rope found at the top of a ramp in the main chamber.

Sharpslope CaveEdit

This one is hidden exceptionally well. A small gap in the wall near the top of the spiral slope, under three Giant Mushrooms leads to the Shellbug.


  • If mining is stopped before collecting more than two pieces of chitin, the shellbug does not die. They also respawn, so three may be collected from each Shellbug every ten days of in-game time.  
  • They are stationary and do not have any other interactions besides being mined.
  • It is possible to get gems when mining.


  •  360   Sometimes, the shellbug's body may not be collidable, and the option to mine does not appear. Solves itself when ten to thirty in-game days pass, as with all ore vein type objects.


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