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For other uses, see Shield.

Shield spells of the Alteration school create a shield around the target's body, thereby increasing the armor rating of the target by the magnitude of the spell.


  • AlterationShield Shield

Spell listEdit

Name Effect Magnitude Duration Range Area Cost Mastery
Aegis Shield 50 60 Self 0 403 Master
Shield Shield 40 30 Self 0 151 Expert
Guard Shield 30 30 Self 0 104 Journeyman
Defend Shield 15 30 Self 0 43 Apprentice
Protect Shield 5 30 Self 0 10 Novice

Purchased from:


These shields all have the same effect as the normal Shield spell in addition to reducing damage from their respective elemental attacks:


Unless the ingredient has one of these shields as its first effect, the ingredient must be combined with other related ingredients via Alchemy to make a potion that has that shield effect.

Standard ShieldEdit


Fire ShieldEdit


Lightning ShieldEdit


Frost ShieldEdit



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