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Shield of Solitude (Level 40+)
Base Armor:
32 ArmorIcon
12 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1540 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Increases magic resistance by 30%
Blocks 35% more damage
Class: Heavy Armor, Shield
Upgrade Material: N/A
ID: 0010eb65

The Shield of Solitude is a unique, leveled Solitude Guard's Shield found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It grants magic resistance that scale from 10% (level 1-17) to 30% (level 40+). It also increases the blocked damage from  15% (level 1-17)  to 35% (level 40+)


The Shield of Solitude is given as a reward by Falk Firebeard upon completion of the quest "The Wolf Queen Awakened".


Equipping this shield grants the following skill bonuses, however the magnitude is based on level:

This shield can be disenchanted to learn a more powerful version of "Resist Magic" on the enchantment list. At level 100 Enchanting, it can provide a 25% resistance that can also be stacked with the original Resist Magic enchantment of 20%, if the Extra Effect perk has been unlocked. (The original fortify block effect is seperate, however and won't be with the 45% magic resistance.)


The shield cannot be improved at a workbench, regardless of perks chosen.


The armor, weight, value, and magnitude of the enchantment are based on the Dragonborn's level. The best possible version is available at level 40.

Level DamageIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon Enchantment ID
1-17 26 12 555 "Increases Magic Resistance by 10%. Block 15% more damage with your shield." 0009E023
18-24 27 12 791 "Increases Magic Resistance by 15%. Block 20% more damage with your shield." 0010EB62
25-31 28 12 1036 "Increases Magic Resistance by 20%. Block 25% more damage with your shield." 0010EB64
32-39 30 12 1036 "Increases Magic Resistance by 20%. Block 25% more damage with your shield."000F8316
40+ 32 12 1504 "Increases Magic Resistance by 30%. Block 35% more damage with your shield." 0010EB65

† The level 32-39 version has the same magnitude of enchantment as the level 25-31, instead of being 5 points higher that it should be.



  • When using it in first person if you move (to confirm, maybe only when moving forward) the Shield will "turn around" 180 degrees, making the front visible.
  • It can be worn with a bow, but this will lead to a terrible error where when you remove the Shield you will stand like if using punches, even though you are still using the bow. You also won't be able to attack and if you remove the bow you will stand forever in the punch fighting stance without being able to attack or change weapons. It can be fixed by loading a previous save.
  • It can be worn simultaneously with another shield, but it's better not to do it as it may (unconfirmed) do the same error as the bug listed above.



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