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Shimmermist Cave

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Cave  Shimmermist Cave
TESV Shimmermist Cave
Shimmermist cave
Hold Whiterun
Location Northeast of Whiterun
Type Cave
Sublocations Shimmermist Grotto
Enemies Falmer


Location ID ShimmermistCaveExterior
"You know, I saw something near Shimmermist Cave, to the Northeast. Some kind of creature... small and wicked. Never seen its like before."
Whiterun Guard[src]

Shimmermist Cave is a cave located in Whiterun Hold, in Skyrim.


Shimmermist cave is a simple linear cave system consisting of three main rooms. It is part of a larger cave system, like many other Falmer caves. In parts of the cave, the ceiling is covered with blue and white glowing deposits.


The first area has a rock bridge over a pool of water with a small waterfall. A ramp leads down into the water, but there is nothing of interest there. A leveled creature prowls the area, such as a skeever or frostbite spider. Further down the tunnel is a larger chamber with a sole Falmer as a lookout on the second level. There is a trip wire to a claw trap at the entrance to deal with.

Below is a small alcove with dead bandits. To the left is a chest and tent on the way up to the upper level where the Falmer is. There is a rock with Falmer weapons, helmets and chaurus eggs on the northern edge of the upper level. The final chamber is a Dwarven room, and has another Falmer and, depending on level, one Dwarven Centurion in stasis. There is a chest just to the left of the tunnel to Shimmermist Grotto.




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  • The Falmer and Dwarven Centurion in the Shimmermist Grotto and all the Falmers, Chaurus and loot will respawn, but the mushrooms may not.


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