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Shor's Watchtower

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Watchtowericon  Shor's Watchtower
TESV Shors Watchtower
Hold The Rift
Location North of Riften
Type Watchtower
Location ID ShorsWatchtowerExterior01

Shor's Watchtower is a location in The Rift.


It is to the north-east of Shor's Stone. The four Riften guards here are all dead. The cause of their deaths is assumed to be a band of Imperial Legion soldiers, as stated in the letter on the ground level of the watchtower:

We've word of a band of Legion soldiers advancing on your position. Reinforcements are on the way. Talos guard you.

There is also an Imperial camp to the north of the tower, the Eastmarch Imperial Camp. Trolls randomly roam around the area of the watchtower.

If the Imperial Legion takes control of the Rift then Imperial soldiers will appear instead of Riften guards. The letter will also have different contents.

Lieutenant Armiger,
Our scouts report a band of rebels advancing on your position. Be on guard. Reinforcements are on the way.


  • The dead guards and other items respawn every week or so.
  • If the Rift has been taken, or given, to the Imperials, a female Legionnaire may be found among the dead. This is rare as almost no female foot soldiers are seen in the Imperial Legion.


  • Sometimes the letter on the first floor of the tower is unreadable. Saving, then loading, should fix this. It may also be on the table, but if the Dragonborn looks at the floor, they may be able to read it.


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