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Shovel Skyrim
4 WeightIcon
Base Value:
3 GoldIcon
Type: Misc.
FormID: 000F5D05 & 000F5D06

The Shovel is an item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There are two known shovel variants that exist in Skyrim. Both shovels have a weight of four and a value of three.

Uses Edit

Both are designed for shoveling ore or coal into a smelter or a forge, as they both are flat blade models.

Other than the smelter animation, the shovel has no further use.


Trivia Edit

  • A shovel can be found on the sides of carriages, however they cannot be interacted with by the Dragonborn.
  • Multiple shovels are found in northern regions, such as Windhelm, indicating that they are used by the natives to shovel snow.


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